FACT: Many people have wasted money, time & resources in the name of starting foodstuffs exportation business in Nigeria. Download My New Export business PDF & VIDEO Home study materials to avoid the stress and let me show you…

The Ultimate 6 Proven Steps That I Use To Build A Successful & Profit-Pulling Export Business In Nigeria In A Way That Guarantee Huge Returns Over Investment. NO HYPE INVOLVED!”

Dear Prospective Exporter,

If you give me 5-7min of your time, I will give you 6 proven steps that consists of highly guarded secrets and strategies to building a recession-proof and profitable export business in Nigeria in return.

With these strategies and systems in your hand, you will become a seasoned pro exporter that is capable of:

Don’t just take my words for it, see live testimonials from people like you who have benefited from same system before….

And here’s another one below…

I’m not showing you these things to ‘buga’ or show off, I am only showing you to know that in the next few minutes you’re getting top notch information from my live and field experiences of 13years in the business of international export business and not one google rehearsed notes..

In fact, the same strategies were tested on a new student in few days ago and results got us his export business completely set up and buyers flood in… look at the date on the certificate below..(some spaces are blocked out for security & copyright issues only)

Lo, setting up a profitable and recession-proof export business is not hard but what you did not have is the quality information coupled with the proven steps that could lead you right into the system.

And getting quality training or information in this line of business is..


It is very hard because only few people that are genuinely  into this business are jealously guarding the secrets like a gun powder. Quality information to a business like this is like giving you access to a pot of gold all for free. Information is power. And power liberates people.

And that’s why you see that genuine training about export business in Nigeria is not saturated like every other industries. And even for some that pretend they care, you must pay some huge amount of money to join their groups before you can start exporting products… The truth is…

They are Only Doing this To Scare You Away From The Huge Profits In This Business And Also To Avoid COMPETITION

Even though, the sky is more than enough for every exporters in Nigeria to be successful because the demands from China, UK, US and some markets alone are far beyond what we can handle in 10-15years.

As an exporter, you can not supply more than 10 containers of any commodities per month (and that’s if you already have the experience, resources and labor to coordinate the points and the labour). And for every container load, you need at least 15-20days to get it done. so…

Where Is The Competition Here…?

Recently, We had a purchasing Order from an India based buyers and 10% of the order alone took us about 60days to complete… I mean a tiny fraction of the order. But within that 60days en, we’ve make more than 2-3years income of some high profiled bankers in Nigeria.

Logistics after bagging process…

SGS Operatives Point…

Export business is a life changing business opportunity. In fact, it is only business that is recession-proof and capable to let you earn in hard currencies (be it dollars or euros) and fastest way to create enormous wealth for you and your generation to come.

It is the only largest and oldest business opportunity that have been and still turning around peoples’ lives for good. I am one of such stories. I went from being a pauper in early 2000 to a product sourcing agent in 2005 in Nassarawa, Kano & major northern markets (more on this later).

Recently, Segun Awolowo (CEO, NEPC) make an announcement and I quote it below. “Agricultural Products Export worth forty-one billion Naira (#41,000,000,000) per year” industry and still untapped.

And this is only Mr. Segun’s assumed value of exportation business in Nigeria per year. I must tell you, by real figures and as an expert here, non-oil (agricultural and foodstuff export) value way more than that.

For instance, A metric tons of Muscovite Mica currently sold for $450 ($450/mt) and in a 20ft container, a 28mt will be loaded or stuffed in.

With my little mathematics in primary school, if your MOQ is 20x20ft then at the exchange rate of #435/$ (rate as at time of writing this page)… you’ll have…

$450 x #435 = #195,750/ton

28mt x 195,750 = #5,481,000/FCL

At MOQ of 20,

20 x 5,481,000= #109,620,000.

That means you’ll make a whooping one hundred and nine million, six hundred and twenty thousand Naira per international buyer.

What if you have about 50 of this type of buyers coming into your business every day/month even every year?

And this is only on a single product. What if you have access to export 30+ commodities with each has 20-25MOQ every blessed year?

Won’t you be happy?

Also, Oluwajimi Adebakin (CEO, GLOBAL LOGISTIC), recently said our partners in Dubai, south Africa, Spain and others are ready to accept our non oil export and which I totally agreed to.

In fact, during the pandemic when every other businesses were down. When your bosses were threatening to fire staffs and while companies keep slashing salaries and so on... but as for us, we were turning down Foreign Buyers who are even begging us to send them products… see proofs below…

And this innocent one here…

It is very easy, straight forward and highly profitable business that can pay your 5years salaries in a single trip. Tell me, any high profiled banker that makes up to #50m (#50,000,000) per year from his normal work without cleaning and erasing figures..? Lolz…

See, I am not shading bankers nor even despise anyone here. Far from it, I am only writing this to let you see the differences and opportunities in export business and other sectors plus why people hoard information like Abidjan rice during xmas 🙂

Alright, lemme quickly give you another case study and after that we’ll move to the 6 proven steps that I promise you earlier.

Live Case Study On Shea Butter

Shea butter is a crazy hot-in-demand export product that is valued at $15B/yr in US. A grade A shea butter cost anything between $5,000 – $6,000/MT for shipping via the sea while x2 if shipped via the AWS.

Shea butter is highly demanded because of its significant benefits in Skincare/Beauty and other industries. And this is a commodity that can easily be found in Oyo & Ogun state Nigeria.

The above picture shows one of the places where Shea butter can be sourced in oyo state. Well, let’s go to back to the live case study of it and see what you could do with this thing.

A kilogam (kg) of Grade A shea butter cost twenty dollars at International market ($20/kg) and it goes for Eight hundred Naira per kg in Nigeria (#800/kg).

At MOQ 100kg, you’ll be making the below figures…

Sourcing = #800 x 100kg = #80,000.
Freight = #1,500 x 100kg = #150,000.
Miscelaaneous = #50,000

Total Expenses = #280,000.

Export Value

$20 x 435 x 100 = #870,000

Profit = (EV – TE) = #590,000

So, if you have an order to export 500kg of Grade A shea butter, you will be making around two million and four hundred thousand Naira (#2,400,000) every month after expenses.

Are you beginning to See Any Life Changing Opportunity Here Now..?

Can you see how exporting of agricultural and foodstuff products can easily and totally replace your #45k per month salary and you’ll still never feel anything.

Can you see the wealth creation opportunities I talked about in the beginning? Can you see how one export order could earn you millions of Naira in profit and without you even break your arms and legs?

Imagine For A Moment…!

– That you have a recession-proof source of income like export business that lets you earn in Dollars, Euros and you no longer have to worry about money again..

– That you have 3 – 5 International buyers with each Order for MOQ 100MT of a commodity where you earn 45-60% of per year that could be a life changing moment for you for life

– The type of lifestyle you’ll be living if you start your export business now and in the first year of your business, it generates 20-50x your salaries now

– That you now have the time for vacation when you want it as against working harder under a harsh boss with 7.5 -10% of your salary already cut into taxes.

– That I set up this Business for you today and show you exactly what to export, where to target and how to properly do your calculation for maximum profit

– That I hand you over to the 6 proven steps I talked about and you use it prudently to create wealth for yourself and generation to come

Now, Stop Imagine & Begin Living In Reality..

Few years ago, I was totally nobody and maybe someone like you who do not know anything about export business. In fact, this life changing opportunity met me in school while I was in my second year. And I never thought I will be someone who could be transacting or doing business internationally today.

It started in 2005 when I met a guy in school that introduced me to this line. I started as a product sourcing agent back then in major northern markets. We do source and load trucks for major exporters in Benin, Lagos & Ogun states. This I was doing till early 2007 when things finally changed for me.

My first ever International Order came in and I exported Charcoal (lump to be precise) and since then I have been able to work with 3,500 buyers exporting 30+ commodities in 50 countries across the globe within top 5 major markets and several minor markets.

The story is long but what matters is how this little could ring well in your ears now and how you’ll make use of it to turn your life around. Below are few of what I have been able to achieve within the last 28yrs that I was born..

My Charcoal Processing Unit…

Our Jos Tin Ore Production Site

My 16Tons Truck For Logistics

The Side View Of My Kogi Warehouse…

I don’t know what achievements or financial freedom could mean to you but for a guy who clocks 28 this November and having all the above, you and I could deduce that life is easier working in this type of business than running the non-ending rat race around looking for #45k/month salary.

Since 2005 till date, I’ve gathered enough experience both on exporting and logistics and I am sure with all the facts and evidences I’ve given you on this page, you’ll agree that I am more than capable to train you to become a successful exporter.

And if you agree to that point..

Let Me Take You plus other 24 lucky Nigerians ‘Behind The Scenes’ Of My FoodStuffs & Agricultural Export Empire And I’ll Show You How I Make a Full Time Income Exporting Agro Products since 2007. Click the button below now to get instant access

When it comes to export business in Nigeria 4 out of 5 Nigerians dream to have this business line to what they’re doing and of which I know you belong as well but the major challenge is that “people do not have genuine and well tailored training” that could lead or link them up to the mainstream of where the money is in export business.

Many seminar organizers have turned Nigerians to new business by selling them fake, non-existing terms in the name of exporting foodstuff to US & UK. This sets of self acclaimed business coaches don’t preach beyond US & UK markets and they do not even have their own stories other than how they trek from shomolu to bariga only to see apapa port and started exporting with DHL, FEDEX and others..

Sorry, if you’ve fallen victims of these guys before. It is not your fault.

All is About To Change Now…

In the year 2016, I started sharing my knowledge in this business to Nigerians and since then the feedback have been so massive that each week or month, people want me to come out and host seminar in places like Abuja, Lagos, Portharcourt and in some big places in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, I recently had a fresh invitation to come to Ghana and speak on same topic.

 In the last 2years, I have been able to successfully help 10 – 15 Nigerians to kick start their export business in Nigeria with 7 presently doing it big trading Tin Ore & Muscovite Mica to 2 major markets. I have also trained at least 5 America based Nigerians who now runs their exporting from there…

And more here…

Would you ever want to start your own export business the right way from today…? Would you want me to take you by the hand and personally train you on how to start a profitable export business in Nigeria?

Then… Introducing…

Cash On Demand Export Business Bootcamp
An In-House Training Summit For 25 People Only

Welcome to the Future!

Cash On Demand Export Business Bootcamp is a practical step by step 6days Virtual training that will hold you by the hand and reveal to you the exact 6 proven steps to building a recession-proof and profitable export business in Nigeria. Mark that words please.

It doesn’t really mean whether you’re completely new to the world of International export business or your export business is shaking and about to sink like titanic, the aim and objective of this training is hand you over to a proven system that have been working for me for over 13yrs now.

And in this 6days Export business training, you’re going to learn, discover and gain:


On Day 1, you will get a Video course, PDF resources and Assignment that will fully prepared you ahead your export business journey. It’ll contain the list of what you must have and know as a small scale export and large scale exporter. This is key that separate those that fail & those those export round the years.


Day 2 exposes you to a more deeper knowledge on how to properly read export-import data to get facts about target markets. With this knowledge, you’ll have enough information & data to give you more pointers about your commodities and target buyers. With this also, getting buyers come easier.


While there are hundreds if not thousands of agro products and foodstuffs that you can export… The truth remains, not all are exportable or even in-demand abroad. Do not be deceived by those sugar-coating seminars.

We provide you only with the list of what sells fast in the market and how to tap into the high demanding foodstuffs, agricultural & minerals products. And list of products that I export myself. Enroll for the training now


Having a good and approved export products is one, having a ready and genuine buyer is another thing. Funny enough, I see many saying you can export by selling  on Amazon… “Pure Lie though”

In this module, I explain to you the real and fastest way to source for buyers. Pay attention to this or you fail even before you start the business. Learn how to get buyers here now


Day 5 will help you about how to avoid online bad scams among the foreign buyers that want to imprison your money or cheat you because of terms and negotiations. I explain what payment method works best for Small Scale Exporter and Large scale.

Don’t believe those that saying using “PayPal for export”. Paypal does not even allow Nigerians on their platform. Do not work in Vain. Learn what works and safe now. Get Immediate Access now


Documentation in EXIM is something you can’t dodge. On Day 6, I’ll show you how to process those documents yourself so, logistics guys don’t cheat you or charge you out of business.

Also, on same day, you’ll be open up to where to book containers, trucks and how to go about it. It’s full packed for your success.

By the end of this 6day Virtual training, you must have been able to know how to conduct product research, understand facts and data, and carry out procedures for export business.

With the help of this training, you must have been able to source for any product, do the cleaning, processing and know where to go for bookings and documentations.

The training is fully packed with live case studies and experiences on how to succesfully become exporter in Nigeria.

How Much Does It Cost To Participate..?

Going by the value of what you’re getting in this 6days summit, I could have charged #150,000 or even more  for it because some 4hrs seminar where the organizers have not even seen or touch tigernut or processed ginger are charging #80,000 – #200,000 and people are still rushing them even when they don’t get value..

But here, you’ve seen few of what you’ll get plus all the facts, experiences and even testimonies from my students including the recent one we processed… I am not going to charge you even up to #50,000. But before I even talk about the token, I want to show you some huge bonuses that the lucky 25 people will get once they opt in to pay today only..

HUGE BONUS #1 – (Value = #25,000)

Export Monarch Kit is the #1 and the most advanced export business course in Nigeria that I created in 2016 and updated in 2018. All the information in the course are 100% valid till eternity and sold for #25,000 per copy but today, if you choose to be among the lucky 25, it is yours for free.

HUGE BONUS #2 – (Value = #150,000)

1 month Free Consultation for first 10 people. Normally, my consultation fee for small scale export companies is #150,000 and for those that have registered with NEPC before but having shaking export business I charge #400,000. But for the first 10 people, it is absolutely free.

HUGE BONUS #3 – (Value = #25,000)

My Suppliers & Farmers Vault. This is the contacts of all the suppliers and farmers that I am using to get any of my products. With this alone, export business is 35% done for you. It is yours for free if you’re among the 25 that Order this summit today.

That’s a whooping #200,000 worth of free gifts for you if you act fast and be among the lucky 25 people that will enroll for my Cash On Demand Export Business in Nigeria virtual training.

And you’re only paying a tiny fraction of #20,000 today only

I know you might be wondering why the price was this low? Well, like I earlier said, I am doing this to help only 25 people to get their dream business and as a way of empowering more people. I know the value on this page worth way more than #400,000 because a single export order will give 100x the amount you’re paying today.

Trust me, Your Profit is 100percent guaranteed !

I promise to be your exportation coach for as long as I live. Feel Free to contact me if you have difficulty in any area of your business.  With this, you’re getting me to walk you through any time any day.



Then Here Is My IRON CLAD Money Back Guarantee

I am so completely convinced that this is the best investment you could ever make for your business that I am going to take all the risk away from you, at this very moment. I personally guarantee if you make a diligent effort by following the HOT STRATEGIES found in this course within the next 365 Days (ONE FULL YEAR) and it doesn’t give you the desired result, I will give you a FULL REFUND.

Yes, I’m so sure that it will surely work because it is full tested & proven.  All I ask is you actually START implementing the training, show me proofs that you did everything in the training & it didn’t work for you. Then contact me for your cash. I believe that  is fair enough.

But There’s One Bad News Here…

The offer plus the huge bonuses on this page are available for 25 people that make payment for the training before the next 72hrs only.  These are the people that we consider ready to change their lives and ready to create wealth for themselves through export business in Nigeria.

The Training Consists of 6 Main Videos detailing everything about export business, PDF resources for facts and analysis on export business, assignments and other business tools such as important documents that you will send to your buyers and as so on.

Also, for the first 10 people that will register for this training now, I have dedicated the whole
month of October to help them with their first export order. I’ll do everything with them.

Source for them, get buyers for them and process their documents while I carry them along on the field. This will enable them to handle their next project themselves.

So, use this time now to get started. Pay just #20,000 into the account details below or use the button below…


To get the Cash On Demand Export Training, Invest the sum of only #20,000 only Into The Bank Account below. You can do an also online bank transfer/ATM Transfer if you have the facility. Just send us the screen capture or quote transaction reference ID with other details as requested on this page.

Bank Name : First Bank Plc

    Account Name : Adewale Ademiluyi

   Account Number : 303-757-6117

NOTE – After making the payments, please send your payment details to hi@10xdude.com as email.
Your Name:
Subject Line: “Payment Made For COD EXP 09
screenshot of your payment or transaction ID.



You can just save yourself the stress and even for immediate access to the training and all bonuses, use the button below to make your investment

What’s Stopping Now…?

I’ve shown you what works for me and my students. You’ve seen the whole things how our lives changed from being a pauper to product sourcing agent and now to owning a real business that recession can’t stop.

You’ve seen numerous live case studies of possible 7-8 figures per month year round that could be yours if you take a massive action now and start your own export business today..

See more proof of how genuine buyers come into our business every day begging us… Same system is yours for life if you click on the button below and enroll for this training.

Now, I believe if you’re still doubting after seeing all these then you’re not ready to change your life and tap into unlimited wealth of export business in Nigeria. This training is a 6Days of life transforming and for sure, if you delay, you’ll be reading testimonies of people that will participate and how the training change their lives also but then you’d have spent your #20k on recharge cards or drinks or something that can not produce another #20k for you…

But if I were you, I’d rather invest the #20k now and turn it to a life investment for me and my kids. I did it in 2005 and now my generation to come can never be looking for job or even waiting for #45k per month..

This button below is still available for you to invest right now… do it now..

EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Every single income claim and proof I have shown you today are 100% true as stated on the website but the results are not typical, they are my own results from 13years of being a successful Agro and mineral exporter, nothing is average about me and as well, some other proof and claims are the results of students that I personally coached so their results are also not typical. You cannot expect to experience similar results overnight, some days I work as much as 20 hours, and because I don’t know how much time you’re willing to commit, how experienced you are or your total performance as a human being, I cannot in any way or form guarantee you’ll get my kind of results. I did my best to make sure I teach you what is working for me right now but how you apply it and your experience will be the determining factor on the kind of results you will get, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE ANYTHING.

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